Guaranteed Rent

This service has been designed specially to provide complete peace and mind of landlords and investors when it comes to letting their investment. It allows landlords and investors to be completely hands off safe in the knowledge that a professional, reliable and trustworthy agent is taking care of their property as if it were their own. 

How does it work?

Simply put, you will be letting your property directly to Ekko London. We effectively become YOUR tenants and assume all the responsibilities and liability's that a 'normal' tenant would assume. We pay your rent, we become responsible for utility bills and an added bonus of our service is that we also take care of any maintenance issues that come up during our time! 

How easy is it to sign up?

It just a mater of minutes, you could have your property signed up to our scheme without leaving your home. It's 4 small steps starting with a phone call or message.

Get in touch

Contact us to arrange a free no obligation valuation for your property. and so we can explain the service in detail.  In some cases, we are able to offer a rental quote INSTANTLY over the phone/message 


We'll come down to view the property in order to confirm your rental valuation at a time convenient to you. We can also arrange to collect keys from your home to do and drop them back once we have so there's no disruption to your day.

Arrange Certificates / Remedial Work

Once you are ready to proceed. We'll need to obtain copies of your EPC, NICEIC and Gas Certificates along with 3 full sets of keys. If you don't have these documents, we can help you obtain these through our qualified engineers. If your property requires any remedial work, we'll get started on those too. 

Sign Contracts

Once all is ready, we just need to sign contracts in order for your guaranteed rent to start! We offer a completely electronic signing service for your convenience. Once Contracts are signed, you will receive a copy of all the documents relating to your tenancy including a full inventory. 

Rent Guaranteed

Congratulations, your rent is now secured!


How is the rent 'guaranteed'?

Your rent is paid by directly by us. It will be paid to you on the day it is due without fail throughout the term of your contract with us regardless of if the property is empty or not. It is not reliant on us being paid by our sub tenant or clients. The rent is not reliant either on a insurance policy payout. 

Who lives in the house?

We let the property to tenants as you would normally. These tenants are meticulously vetted and the vast majority are working class professional tenants however we do have a working relationship with many organisations such as local councils and corporate relocation agencies. Whoever the tenant, we ensure that the property is let accordingly to any license stipulations the property has or any requirements you have set upon us.

Property Upkeep / Maintenance

We do not just guarantee the rent. We also guarantee the upkeep of your property. Part of our undertaking ensures that we return the property at the end of our contract in the same condition we received it in. We also take responsibility of most maintenance issues that arise during the tenancy at no cost to you. 

Do you lose control of the property?

NO. You will still have all the options and rights over the property as you would do in a 'normal' tenancy. You are free to inspect the property every quarter and you are able to end the tenancy with the same notice period. There are some slight restrictions but ultimately, you are the landlord and we as both your agent and tenant will comply with the conditions you have set to us.

What kind of rent can I expect?

Unlike some of our competitors, we guarantee the rent according to the private rental market which is considerably higher than rents offered by local councils. 

Every property has a different value and we proudly tailor our rental offers to ensure your property gets what it deserves. For an accurate quote, please contact us. 

What our Landlords say about our Guaranteed Rent Service

Jasmine Patel

Love it! Rent paid, Property Maintained, No Phone Calls, No Fuss. I only wish I had more properties to sign up!

Jamie Rana

Great Service by the guys here, Transparent, Reachable and All Round Nice Guys. 

Mr Singh

Great emphasis on service. Guys have managed my expectations extremely well and haven't put a foot wrong yet! Rent paid promptly, Good quality tenants. Good Stuff!